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Respite Consultant

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Knowledge of social and economic problems and their impact on families, the principles of family behavior, knowledge of community resources and the referral network , the principles of interviewing and assessment, psychological terminology, and some knowledge of psychological treatment techniques as related to families and children.

The ability to deal tactfully with public and co-workers, to exercise good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions, to express ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly, and to plan a program to meet the needs of the community and the requirements of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation and Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System.

Agrees to follow all applicable laws and regulations, including VBHCS Standards of Conduct and VBHCS Policies and Procedures, in order to create and maintain a healthcare and business environment that is committed to integrity and ethical conduct.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Be trained using a systems approach model for working with families.
2. Be trained to implement behavior management strategies based on applied behavior analysis principles.
3. Provide home and community-based training.
4. Provide services for both the child and the family.
5. Be responsible for ecological assessment and functional analysis of behavior problems, collection of data, daily logs of progress, and on-going written and oral evaluations to parents based on daily objectives and data.
6. Develop family respite plans in collaboration with families.
7. Develop training based on family's needs
8. Help families develop, identify, and access respite alternatives in the community.
9. Provide direct respite to families in the course of skills generalization training for the child

Job RequirementsThe Respite Consultant coordinates the respite service, recruits and trains respite providers and implements the respite model with families. Also must be able to liaison with other agencies and professionals in the community. Training will be provided.

QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, or related field is required or must be actively pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. Some prior experience working with families and children and knowledge of behavior modification, family dynamics, child development and emotional disturbances in children is preferred.

Qualifications Education: Associate’s degree
Experience: 2 years

Work HoursCompensationJob typeStart Date
2010.39 hourPart timeJuly 05, 2015

Company Description Project AFFIRM is a planned respite program for families with children who have serious emotional disturbances. The program provides families with break time and support, as well as the development of behavioral management skills with the children. The program model provides short-term relief as well as teaching an empowerment model to parents which assists the families in accessing community supports for longer-term respite care.

Contact Information Diane Otto

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