College Success Zone


The College Success Zone is your Vol State tool box for academic support. We want to make sure that you have what you need to do well in your classes and reach the goal of graduation. We have several support services, programs and centers here on campus that can help you do better in your coursework. We also have some web based services that are available 24/7.

Get Help Before You Get Frustrated!

The most important step in college success is getting the help you need before you get swamped. Talk to your class instructor, talk to your academic advisor or visit the Advising Center.

Your Class Instructor

Make sure you let your class instructor know if you are having problems. They should be your first stop for academic questions.

Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor can help with many things, including information about your program or major, class selection, registration and academic issues.

The Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center is here to help you. The Center helps both students who have a declared major as well as students who have not declared a major. If you are having academic troubles, see an advisor, they can help give you a fresh perspective on an academic problem and provide tips that might help improve your situation. Center hours vary by semester and are posted.

Room 101-D

Tools to Help You Succeed in College

Math and Science
Writing and Papers
  • Learning Commons
  • Library

The Learning Commons

If you need assistance when it comes to reading, writing, and math, the Learning Commons, formerly known as Newskills, is the place for you. Computer-based tutoring is also available. The Learning Commons is designed to help students who need to upgrade basic skills.

Room 151

The Livingston Campus Library

The library at Livingston provides ready access to a number of research tools. A student tutorial is provided online at I.R.I.S. for patrons to learn the basics for locating books, journal articles, and dependable websites. If you have a question about your research, you can call the Library or email a librarian at librarian@volstate.edu.

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