Guidelines For Standing Committees

Academic Integrity

Committee Name

Academic Integrity

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Academic Integrity Committee is to administer policies and procedures related to appeals for change of grade(s) and appeals related to academic misconduct.

Committee Activities

  1. Review and recommend action on all appeals related to grades to include failing grades assigned in relation to academic misconduct (except the completion of an “I” for extenuating circumstances).

  2. Review and recommend action on appeals related to failing grades assigned in relation to academic misconduct by the Academic Misconduct Subcommittee

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for appeals of an academic nature.


Membership for Academic Misconduct Hearings

In matters of hearing procedures related to academic misconduct, only the committee members who are faculty may be present along with the chair and two students appointed by the SGA President. The Vice PresidentforStudentServicesordesigneemustbepresent during all hearing procedures involving academic misconduct to ensure due process for the student(s). All members utilized for these particular hearing procedures must have completed the Academic Misconduct Hearing Procedures training. A quorum for the Academic Misconduct subcommittee is met with five faculty members.

Ex-Officio: Director of Admissions/College Registrar, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Student Records Coordinator

Initial Meeting

3rd Friday, 8:30 a.m.