Getting into a Quiz

From your Course Homepage, select the Quizzes link in the navigation bar.

The Quizzing home displays:

A list of the quizzes your instructor has made available to you is displayed on the Quizzing Home page.

If your Instructor has turned on the Respondus LockDown Browser you must install this on your computer before you can begin taking the test. For detailed instructions, see Respondus Lockdown Browser hand out (this is a pdf that can be linked to from here).

Taking a quiz

  1. Click the quiz name to begin the quiz.
  2. Click the START QUIZ! link in blue text. This will launch a popup window. Click OK to begin the quiz.
    The initial quiz window displays.
  3. Follow the instructions and complete the quiz.
  4. Click to save each question as you complete them.
  5. Click after completing your quiz. Any unanswered questions will display with a link to the unanswered question's number.
  6. Click when you have completed your quiz, saved all your answers and want to submit the quiz and confirm your submission. If the time limit has passed, you will be asked to submit your quiz.

Important note: If the "Auto-Submit Attempt" option is still active, all the questions you save before the time limit expires will be submitted. However, any questions that you have not saved before the time limit has expired, even if they have been answered, will not be submitted. You must ensure that you are saving your answers before the time limit expires.

Going back and looking at questions that have already been answered

  1. Once you have saved a question, it is logged in the Quiz Info box as a hyperlink.
  2. Select a link to go back and view the answer during the quiz process. There is also an icon below the question number link that indicates if the question has been saved.

NOTE: If you can not view your saved questions, your instructor has turned off this ability.

View the graded quiz and and information the instructor has chosen to release

  1. From the Course Home page click Quizzes in the NavBar and then choose the quiz you wish to view.
  2. Select the Submissions tab and then select the attempt number link to view individual attempts.

Note: You can also view your grades (when posted by the instructor) by selecting the Grades link on your Course Home navigation bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the results of my quiz after I have submitted it.
Your instructor may have disabled the ability to view results immediately after submitting the quiz. Typically, you will be able to view your results after you have submitted the quiz, however, talk with your instructor prior to the quiz. Results may be viewed after the quizzing period is over if results cannot be viewed after submitting a quiz.
Can I see a breakdown of quiz grades?
To see a breakdown of class averages for a quiz, select a quiz, and select the submissions tab. Graphs should be available that display class averages and score distributions.