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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Special Requirements


  1. Meet all the general admission requirements of Vol State.
  2. To be considered for admission, a candidate must already have a degree, either an A.A.S. degree in a patient care related field or a Bachelors degree, and meet all of the standards for that degree
    If you have an Heath Sciences Associate of Applied Science degree
    • Successful completion of a nationally accredited two year Associates Degree in an Allied Health area that is patient-care related. Preferred area of study is Radiologic Technology. Other examples of professionals who are eligible include Nuclear Medicine, Respiratory Therapy, Occupational or Physical Therapy Assistant, Registered Nurse, Sleep Diagnostics, Ophthalmic Technician.
    • The Health Sciences Associate of Applied Science degree must have included:
      • Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II with lab (at least 4 credit hours each) **
      • Introductory Physics-Physics 1030  (at least 4 credit hours)
      • Medical Terminology (at least 3 credit hours)
      • College Algebra
    If you have a Bachelors degree
    • Successful completion of a bachelor degree program from a regionally accredited college or university in any major.
    • Mandatory Prerequisites:
      • Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II with lab (at least 4 credit hours each) **
      • Medical Terminology (at least 3 credit hours)
      • Introductory Physics-Physics 1030 (at least 4 credit hours)
      • College Algebra
  3. Submit a Pre-Health Sciences Interest form (application). Applications are only accepted Jan 1 - May 7th for the class beginning during the summer.
  4. A copy of all transcripts to the DMS Program director and an official copy of transcripts to the Office of Admissions.
    • Students with international transcripts must also submit a course-by-course transcript evaluation from an international evaluation transcript service that includes an overall GPA.
  5. Provide to the DMS Program Director documented evidence (PDF) of a minimum of 16 hours of observation in a general ultrasound department with a registered sonographer. All observation hours must be documented in the same year that application is being made.
  6. Submit two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes.  A form for this, along with instructions, are provided on the DMS website under "forms".
  7. Submit a resume to DMS Program Director.

Please send the required application materials listed above in ONE ENVELOPE to:

Volunteer State Community College
Program Director - DMS
1480 Nashville Pike
Wallace Building, South S-231
Gallatin, TN 37066


  1. Up to 12 students are accepted for the Sonography Program on a competitive basis each year. The DMS Program admits a beginning class annually during the Summer Semester. The deadline for submission of applications is May 7th.
  2. Screening interviews will be held with each applicant in May and June.
  3. A selection committee will review applications, conduct interviews, and make recommendations on selection. Selection scores include Overall GPA, GPA in pre-requisites, and interview score(s).
  4. Upon selection by the committee, an applicant must submit to a mandatory 10 panel drug screening test at his or her own expense. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon passing the drug screening.
  5. Upon acceptance into the program students must submit a physical examination form which includes documentation of immunizations along with evidence of having begun Hepatitis vaccinations.
  6. Upon acceptance into the program students must provide evidence of a passing score on a background check and a urine drug screen prior to official acceptance/enrollment into the program. Either the failure to provide the required background check and a urine drug screen results by the due date established or the receipt of anything other than a passing score on the background check and a urine drug screen will make a student ineligible for enrollment in this program. Background checks and urine drug screen are performed at the student's expense. You may view the Student Background Checks Policy and the urine drug screen policy.
  7. Following acceptance into the Program, students must respond, in writing, confirming their intent to enroll, within 10 days after the postmarked date of their acceptance letters. A student who fails to respond will forfeit his/her place in the class.

In an effort to comply with the recommendations of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the majority of the major healthcare facilities and agencies utilized by the College for clinical training require that each student undergo and pass a background check prior to participating in clinical rotations. Each student, at his/her expense, is responsible for acquiring the student background check report and authorizing the submission of results to the College.

No students will be permitted to participate in a clinical rotation until the results have been received, reviewed, and accepted by the College. Failure to submit to and pass the required background check report will result in the student being terminated from the program.


As English is the language of instruction, an adequate knowledge of written and spoken English is a prerequisite for admission. Regardless of country of origin, all applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to acceptance.

Foreign credentials must be evaluated by a Foreign Transcript Evaluation Agency. For more information, please call the Office of Admissions at (615) 230-3688.


In order to be successful in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, basic computer skills must be acquired by the student prior to admission. Basic computer skills are considered to be word processing, presentation skills (power point) and E-mail usage. Instructional staff will expect that students will have these basic skills and may expect learning, submission of assignments and some educational interaction to occur while using the computer.


In order to perform the duties of a diagnostic medical sonographer an individual must:

  1. Push and pull wheelchair with patient seated in wheelchair.
  2. Lean over to lock wheelchair and lift footrests.
  3. Push and pull stretcher with patient resting on stretcher, lock and unlock stretcher for patient transfer.
  4. Push mobile equipment, maneuver around patient bed and through hallways in surgical suites.
  5. Verbally instruct patient in a clear, concise, easily understandable manner.
  6. Visually assess patient's condition.
  7. Visually assess the sonographic image.
  8. Interact appropriately with patients, co-workers, visitors, and hospital staff.
  9. Read and comprehend written communications (ie. Charts, exam requisitions). Provide written communication to medical and technical staff.
  10. Demonstrate manual dexterity in handling of items such as cassettes, syringes and needles, sterile items and transducers.
  11. Ability to ascend and descend stairway in case of fire or absence of elevator.
  12. Descend to the floor, resting on knees for performing chest compressions.
  13. Use extended arms and force of shoulders and upper back to compress chest 2 inches.
  14. Respond appropriately to sounds, i.e. patient voice and movements, at a normal conversational volume.
  15. Respond appropriately to equipment signals such as sound and light.
  16. Manipulate mechanical and patient care equipment simultaneously, i.e. dials, switches, push buttons, keyboards, transducer, and blood pressure equipment.
  17. Perform for a prolonged period without breaks, e.g., typical shift of eight hours.
  18. Demonstrate adequate visual acuity to differentiate among subtle shades of grey/color used in diagnostic sonography image formation.