How to Register

Registering with the Office of Disability Services and providing appropriate documentation is the only way to receive accommodations. Please call us at (615) 230-3472 if we can answer any questions about the registration process. Students are encouraged to register with our office as soon as possible so that accommodations are available at the start of each semester. There arethree ways to register with our office.

  1. Complete the online intake form and then mail or fax your release form to our office.
  2. Download our office intake form and release form. You can fax or mail your completed forms to our office.
  3. Come to our office located on the bottom floor of the Wood CampusCenter Map and fill out an intake form and release form in person.

Appropriate Documentation

  1. A qualified professional must conduct the evaluation: The name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification (e.g., licensed psychologist) as well as the area of specialization, employment, and state in which the individual practices must be clearly stated in the documentation.
  2. Testing must be current:
    • Learning disability diagnosis
      • - high school students should have testing conducted within the past three years
      • - adult testing must be conducted within the past five years.
    • Psychological disability diagnosis
      • - evaluation must be within one year.
    • ADHD and Other disabilities
      • - evaluation must have been conducted within the past three years.
    (These guidelines do not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent or unchanging nature.)
  3. Functional Limitations: resulting from the disability or disabilities must be detailed as well as a clearly stated diagnosis.
  4. Documentation must be comprehensive: include complete educational, developmental, and medical history relevant to the disability for which accommodations are being requested. Include a list of all test instruments used in the evaluation report and relevant subtest scores used to document the stated disability.