Your Vol State Email account is changing to Gmail. What does that mean for you?

What is happening to the VSCC Student email?
Vol State is deploying a new e-mail system for students. This change is migrating your Vol State student e-mail accounts to Google’s email product, GMail.
What are the benefits to students?
  • Significantly increased e-mail storage (25 GB versus 25 MB)
  • Ability to get your mail on mobile Devices (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone)
  • A more Familiar interface.
What does this cost me?
This is a free service to students.
Will my username or email address change?
No. You will keep the same username and email address.
What is the process to activate my account?
Nothing is required to activate your account, however in order to access your new mailbox, you will need to change your current Vol State password between March 25th and March 28th at 5:00PM. At this time, the finally email transition will be implemented and will last until Monday April 1st at 8:00 AM.
What happens to my e-mail during account creation?
You are responsible for forwarding any email contents you want to save from your current account to your temporary account This migration must be complete by March 28, 2013 at 5:00p.m
How do I sign in?
Students can sign-in by clicking the Webmail link in the My VolState Portal (The Email icon in the portal with not work at this time) or go straight to You will be presented with a Google Gmail page for sign-in.
Who is eligible for a VSCC Student email?
All currently enrolled students have an email addresses automatically created for them when they applied to the college.
What does Gmail look like?