Freshmen Experience Track

Vol State is reinventing the freshman experience with a new set of tracks designed to get students off to a smart start in their college career. Students will sign-up for the track that meets their academic needs and at a time that will work for their schedule. They will know exactly what classes to register for ahead of time. They will also take many of those classes with the same students. We find that these group learning situations allow students to form friendships and work together. Extra academic support includes specialized tutoring programs. The idea is to give students a smart start, but also have them learn more about the college process, so they will be better able to navigate the system.

There is a significant commitment required of the students taking Freshman Experience Tracks. They must agree to attend class and take part in the extra academic help and programs.

For more information about Freshman Experience Tracks contact Kristi Huffine, the Fast Track and Freshman Experience Track Coordinator, at or 615-230-3619.