Information Technology


Why can I not open my email attachments through my MyVolstate portal employee email link?
When you go to “Employee Email” from the portal, you are automatically signed in to OWA using a Public security option, which prohibits interaction with some attachments. To interact with attachments properly, please access https://mail.volstate.edu and select the “This is a private computer” option before signing in using Volstate credentials.
How do I discuss IT Policies with management?
If you have a question or concern about IT Policies, please contact IT's Chief Information Officer.  The CIO can be contacted at 615-230-3428.
How do I escalate my unresolved request to IT's management?

If you have a question or concern about an unresolved request, first please contact the individual that was assigned to the request, if they cannot be contacted, you may contact the coordinator responsible for the IT sub-group your request falls under:

If both the individual and the coordinator are unavailable and you need immediate assistance, IT's Chief Information Officer at 615-230-3428.

Can I take software home to use on my personal home computer for Vol State work?

Vol State owned software cannot be installed on any personal computer equipment. However, checkout laptops are available in the Library for use at home and the special software can be installed on the checkout laptop. For those students and employees that wish to purchase their own software for their own personal equipment at home, reduced prices are generally offered to those that qualify for educational discounts.  Online sellers such as OnTheHub and Academic Superstore are commonly used.

How can I request physical disability accommodations for my computer?

All requests for disability accommodations must go through the office of Disability Services.

Why is my computer running slow?

If your computer starts running a little sluggish or is acting unusual, you can try a Restart. If your computer continues to act unusual, please submit an ITDirect Request for assistance.

Why do I need to leave my computer on at night?

IT schedules updates after business hours at night that help maintain the computer equipment on campus. Please leave your computer on so that these updates can go smoothly to all the computers.  After updates are complete, IT powers the machines off to conserve electricity.

What if I get an unexpected warning about having a virus or a message about needing to install software to get rid of a virus?

All Vol State computers have anti-virus software installed.  However; occasionally you may encounter a website or other source that may be unsafe and attempt to bypass the anti-virus software and load malware onto your system.  If you are presented with a  pop-up window that is asking for you to download or install anti-virus software, please DO NOT click anywhere on the window (not even to "Close" or "X" out of the window).  Instead, please notify Client Services via the Help Line (Extension 4357).  Once IT has verified your PC is ready for use again, please follow up by submitting an ITDirect Request  (or submit the request from a different computer).

Can I get assistance with my personal home computer?

The Information Technology personnel only provide limited information assistance with home computers.  We do not physically work on non-VSCC owned equipment (personal equipment).  We offer general assistance and information for those employee's needing to connect from their home computers back to their work computers.

What do I need to do for moving my computer a foot or two?

If you feel comfortable moving your computer a foot or two, please do it.  Be careful with the cables and connections to ensure that they aren't pulled too much or too tight during the rearranging of equipment.  If you do not feel comfortable moving your computer or if you need to move it more than a foot or two, please contact Information Technology by submitting an ITDirect Request.

How do I request new hardware?

To request new hardware, please submit an ITDirect Request.

How do I request software installations?

To request software installations, please submit an ITDirect Request.

Why is my computer asking to update or upgrade software?

Computer software is constantly being updated by their manufactures.  Information Technology works to ensure that your computer stays up-to-date with the latest in computer software available. Every now and then we may automatically send a software update to your computer.  Please allow the update to install completely.  Some software such as Java and Internet Explorer require us to maintain compatibility with other systems used on campus (such as Banner) and while updates may be available, we are prevented from doing a mass upgrade due to these conditions.  If you have issues that are related to version conflicts, please contact IT by submitting an ITDirect Request .

How do I request a laptop for use on a temporary basis?

Checkout laptops are available in the Library.  For employees, there is a two week checkout period.  Renewal extensions are at the discretion of the Library staff. 

Where is IT Client Services located and how can I contact the technicians?

Urgent Computer Related Issues - If the computer problem is an emergency that is stopping a class or office production work, please call Extension 4357 (HELP) for assistance from the Emergency Technician Help Line.  Help is available Monday-Friday, 7:00am-7:30pm during semesters and 7:00am-4:30pm when students are not in class.

Routine Computer Related Issues - If the problem is not an emergency please submit an IT Request using the ITDirect Request link. This link is used to ask for help with non-critical computer issues, both hardware and software.  This link can also be found on the Faculty & Staff webpage and can only be accessed from on campus.

Client Services staff are located in the Ramer Administration Building, Room 176.  If needed, please make an appointment via email with the technician or Coordinator of Client Services.  Please note that we do not physically work on non-VSCC owned equipment (personal equipment).  We may only offer general assistance or information.

Can I connect to my office computer remotely from my home computer?

Yes, as an employee you can connect from your home computer to your office computer.  This requires your Vol State account to be setup with the ability to remotely connect, if you need to connect and are not setup (or if you are unsure), please contact IT Client Services using the ITDirect Request link and request to be setup.  Once you have Remote Desktop access on your office PC, you can remote in by going to https://citrix.volstate.edu from your home PC.  The first time doing this, you will be prompted to install the “Citrix Receiver”.  After installing it, you may have to close your Internet Explorer session and restart it (if so, just go back to this same address afterwards).  Once you are presented with the login prompt, login with your normal credentials and select “Remote Desktop”.  This will ask you which computer name to connect to; here you will enter your office PC name (usually in the format of xxx999-VS99999).  Your unique PC name can be found in the Control Panel under System.  At this point, you will be prompted to login to the “remote” computer; login using your normal credentials just as if you were in your office.  Once logged in, you should have access to the same resources just as if you were in your office (including the mapped network drives like T:, U:, and V:).  When finished, select “Logoff” (not shutdown).

  While we strive to provide remote access 24/7/365, there may be periods of time that IT maintenance will need to be performed. Remote access may not be available during that maintenance.

Do campus visitors (Vendors, Guest Speakers, Special Events, etc...) have access to the wireless network?

Guest wireless is the Gallatin, Highland Crest, and Livingston Campuses. Self-registering guest wireless access is available for campus visitors.  Access is granted for a 24 hour period, after which guests will have to go through the connection process again. For security purposes, the guest wireless network is heavily monitored for malicious activity.

VSCC Guest Wireless Connection Process

How do I report suspicious email?

When you get suspicious email, please forward it to abuse@volstate.edu.  Any messages sent to this address are inspected and added to our mail filters as appropriate.  Please do not forward suspicious messages to individual members of the IT department.

Where can I recycle toner/ink cartridges?

Please send all toner/ink cartridges and fuser kits(in box only, not loose) for recycling to: Receiving in Woods basement.

What is the recommended web browser for me to use?

The IT department installs the latest available enterprise versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 on all workstations. The recommended web browser to use often depends on the situation and the requirements of the specific website that is being accessed. Recently, Google implemented changes to its Chrome browser that may potentially impact many of the websites that you have previously accessed without any issues while using Google Chrome. As a result, it is recommended to check the announcements page for a list of the potential services and/or websites that may be impacted by these changes.