Learning Support


In our Learning Support Math courses, students will have opportunity to develop mathematics skills they need to enter a college-level mathematics course.

  • Students have an early exit possibility in MATH 0810.
  • Students receive a high level of instructor facilitation and coaching.
  • Students demonstrate mastery on five competencies to progress to the next course.
  • Based on the result of a competency Pre-Test, students will either skip to the next competency or complete module work to develop those skills.

Programs differ in the level of math required. Some certificates have no math requirement, others something less than college algebra, and transfer degrees require a general education math course (algebra, liberal arts math, statistics – depending on the area of concentration).

To get started in Learning Support Math:

  • Enroll in MATH 0810 and show up on the first day of class! You will begin with a Pre-Test which may allow you to skip to the next competency.
  • Attend every class and invest time and effort outside of class as well. It is possible for you to finish this course early and begin the next course. You may even be one of the Vol State students to complete two courses in one semester!
  • Frequently Asked questions about Learning Support Math Courses

    Q: I started in the Vol State Developmental Math program. What do I do now?
    A: If you completed DSPM 0700, enroll in MATH 0810. If you completed DSPM 0800, you will enroll in MATH 1005, MATH 1010 or MATH 1530 depending on your area of concentration. If you completed DSPM 0850, you are ready to enroll in MATH 1130, MATH 1410 or MATH 1710. Students who have completed DSPM 0850 may also enroll in MATH 1010 or MATH 1530 depending on your area of concentration.
    Q: I enrolled in DSPM before but did not complete or pass the course. How do I remove this grade from my transcript?
    A: Regents OnLine will continue to offer DSPM courses during the 2011-2012 year. Enrolling through Regents Online for a completely on-line DSPM course is the only way to replace a grade in a DSPM course. When DSPM courses are no longer offered through RODP, there will be no way to remove/ replace a grade earned in a DSPM course.
    Q: How do I remove a 'YC' in a DSPM course?
    A: There is no way to remove a 'YC' in a DSPM course. This grade does not, however, affect the grade point average (gpa).
    Q: How do I 'test out' of Learning Support Math?
    A: Any student with an ACT Math subscore of 19+ or a COMPASS Math Exam score of 38+ may enroll in a college-level math course. Placement into Learning Support Math will be verified through Competency Pre-Testing in MATH 0810. Since students will not repeat material they have already mastered, it is possible for a student to move beyond several Competencies initially through performance on each in-class Competency Pre-Test.
    Q: My ACT score is ancient and I've taken a math class since. Can I challenge my placement into MATH 0810?
    A: Yes. A student who wishes to challenge placement into Learning Support MATH should schedule a challenge test through the Vol State Testing Center. Call 615-230-3484 to schedule the challenge COMPASS exam.
    Q: What is the course structure for Learning Support Math?

    A: Students who have below 19 on the ACT math subtest or below 38 on the COMPASS Math subtest will take MATH 0810 (3 credits). The course is designed to be completed in a single semester. Students must complete at least Competencies 1, 2 and 3 to earn a passing grade (A,B, or C) in MATH 0810. A student who completes fewer than three Competencies during the semester will earn an 'F' but will be allowed to repeat MATH 0810 once under the new guidelines. The student begins where he or she left off in the following semester in MATH 0810. If Competency 3 is completed, the passing grade will be assigned for MATH 0810 which will replace the grade of 'F' on the transcript and in the gpa.

    If a student completes Competencies 1, 2 and 3 in MATH 0810 in one semester, the student will enroll in MATH 0820 (2 credits) in the next semester and will continue with modules to complete Competencies 4 and 5.

    If a student completes Competencies 1, 2, 3 and 4 in MATH 0810 in one semester, the student will enroll in MATH 0830 (1 credit hour) in the next semester to complete Competency 5.

    Q: Do I have to take MATH 0810, 0820 and 0830?
    A: No. All students begin Learning Support Math in MATH 0810. If all five Competencies are completed in MATH 0810, the student will exit Learning Support Math. MATH 0820 and MATH 0830 are course 'shells' which allow the student to continue work in Learning Support MATH without having to 'start over' or to register for an entire 3 hour course. So, the students' tuition for Learning Support Math (MATH 0820 or 0830) is based on the number of Competencies yet to be completed.
    Q: Do I have to complete MATH 1005?
    A: MATH 1005 is Pre-College Algebra. It is required of students beginning in Learning Support Math whose general education math requirement is algebra-intensive. MATH 1005 is required after a student completes Learning support Math Competencies and before MATH 1130 (College Algebra), MATH 1410 (Structure of Mathematical Systems I), and/or MATH 1710 (Pre-Calculus I).
    Q: Does MATH 1005 count toward graduation?
    A: Yes. MATH 1005 does count toward graduation but it will not count as the general education course in mathematics. In other words, MATH 1005 may be used as an elective credit. However, students must earn a 'C' or better in MATH 1005 in order to register for MATH 1130, 1410, and/or 1710.
    Q: Is it true that I can complete more than one course in a semester in the Learning Commons?
    A: Yes. The rate at which a student moves through the Competencies is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort put into the course during class and outside of class. A student may skip Competency 1 through the initial Pre-Test, and push to master the content on the subsequent Competencies in the next few weeks. Upon completion, the instructor will encourage the student to begin the next course. If that is MATH 1005, no new textbook or access code is required. If that is MATH 1010 or MATH 1530, the student will purchase the text and/or access code through the bookstore and begin the new course. If a student has completed two MATH courses by the last day of the semester (prior to final exams), Vol State will transcript the highest course completed. That means the student completes two courses for the price of one!

    For more information about Learning Support Math courses please contact the Division of Math and Science at 615-230-3262.