Library Instruction

Thigpen Library’s Instruction Program exists to support the academic curriculum of Volunteer State Community College. The program serves the students, faculty, and staff of the College. The purpose of the program is to assist members of the college community with developing information-seeking abilities appropriate for their individual levels of scholarship and to support their research. As academic communities confront the information age, library instruction aims to be responsive to cultural, technological and curricular change within the college.

Our mission is to teach students the skills needed to successfully complete their library-related assignments, prepare them to apply critical thinking skills, and become independent library researchers.

Scheduling an Instruction Session

Contact Livy Simpson to schedule a library instruction session in the Rosemary Rogers Research Center: or your classroom. Ms. Simpson can be reached at (615) 230 - 3414 or via email at

  1. The following information is needed to schedule an instruction session:
    1. Instructor Name/ Department/ Course Number
    2. Contact information — Email, phone number, or both
    3. Instruction Date Requested/ Alternate Date(s)
    4. Class Time
    5. Class Size
  2. Since instruction sessions are customized for each class the following information will enhance your students’ experience:
    1. A copy of student assignment
    2. Any requests for specific information sources, such as specific databases, web-based resources, or information types, i.e. scholarly articles.
  3. When your class is scheduled, a confirmation will be emailed. If there is a conflict, alternatives will be suggested.

Creating Effective Library / Research Assignments

The Librarians at Thigpen Library are available to collaborate with faculty in creating assignments that integrate the library’s resources into your classes. Each year brings changes in both the resources available to us and the interfaces for using them. It can be very difficult to keep abreast of what is available. Read our tips in “Creating Effective Library Assignments” or contact Livy Simpson for more information on this service.

Additional Information