Requesting Materials

We need your help. You know what you teach in your classes. Please help us provide the materials you and your students need by recommending titles of books, periodicals, and videotapes for purchase.


Louise Kelly
ext: 3412
Materials: books and periodicals, videos, other audiovisual software items


Each month your division is sent a copy of book reviews pertaining to your subject area from Choice magazine and Library Journal. Choice is a library journal which publishes reviews of books appropriate for academic libraries; Library Journal publishes reviews for public and academic libraries. In order to request a book(s) from these journals, write your name next to the review(s) and forward the review(s) to Louise Kelly.

But, you are not limited to requesting books only from these sources. If you should see items in a brochure, just mark the items and send the brochure, with your name, to Louise.

Or, you can e-mail Louise with your request. Be sure to include as much information as possible about the item (author, title, publisher, date of publication, ISBN). Also, please let us know if this is a “rush” order.

You will be notified through campus email when the items you requested have been received.


Magazines, journals, and newspapers are generally ordered once a year in late September, and the subscriptions run January through December. The jobber must have 60-90 days to place the order before the desired receipt of the periodical.


Send any video requests to Louise Kelly. We will search and compare requested titles among our contracted vendors. As a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents Media Consortium, we often receive additional discounts on audiovisual titles.