Nursing is a challenging and rewarding field, and we enjoy helping others get started in the profession.

Volunteer State Community College is fortunate to be able to offer students in the Gallatin area the opportunity to complete an AAS Degree in Nursing. The Nursing Program is actually a degree program of Tennessee State University that has been extended to the Gallatin campus.

The contract between Vol State and Tennessee State University specifies that the courses will be taught on the Vol State campus in Gallatin with clinical experience gained at hospitals as close to the Gallatin campus as possible. According to the contract, students are expected to take their general education courses at Volunteer State Community College (BIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, ENGLISH, and everything else that is required that doesn't have NURSING in its title).

The grades for these courses will appear on a Vol State transcript. These Vol State grades will be transferred to TSU after the student has been accepted into the Nursing Program and substituted for the equivalent general education courses required of students enrolled in the program on the TSU main campus.

We REQUIRE you to attend one of our advisement sessions in which we will elaborate further on our program and respond to specific questions. If you bring transcripts of other college work, we can give you a good feel for whether or not you can receive transfer credit. If you are already an LPN, you will want to learn about our LPN challenge option. You will also be able to obtain all the forms for application that you will need and find out how to register for the pre-Nursing exam. These sessions will be held at the Vol State campus. Call (615) 230-3293 for dates and more information.

Steps in the Process

  • Fill out an application to Volunteer State Community College.
  • If needed, take the placement tests in Reading, Writing, and Algebra.
  • Meet with Vol State advisor to schedule all required Remedial or Developmental refresher courses.
  • Be certain that ALL Developmental courses (if required by the placement test) and CHEM 1030 (or one year of high school chemistry with a grade of C or better) are completed by the end of Fall term to be eligible for the class beginning the NEXT FALL TERM. The TSU Nursing Admissions Committee will decide during the Spring term who will be admitted for the upcoming Fall class.
  • Attend one of the scheduled TSU Nursing Advising sessions. The schedule will be available from the TSU Office at VSCC (230-3293).

A student may request a Vol State application from the Office of Admissions (615) 230-3688 to be completed and returned. An application for admission to TSU may be requested from the Office of Admissions at Tennessee State University or from the TSU Office on the Vol State campus.

Many of the prospective Nursing students entering at Vol State have been out of school for some time. Students who are 21 or older will be REQUIRED to take a Tennessee Board of Regents' Placement test. This is the same placement test used at all Board of Regents' Community Colleges, Technical Institutes and Universities (TSU and Columbia State, for example). This test battery is part of the normal process of registering for college courses for all students who enter to pursue degrees. The test has parts on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, including Algebra. Many students who enter college today need some help in reading, writing or math and, based on test results, must take refresher courses before they can enroll in college-level classes.

More Information

If you choose to complete all of the Vol State General Education courses required in the Pre-Nursing degree before taking any TSU Nursing courses, then the program will take longer than two years. Once enrolled in the first Pre-Nursing courses, program completion takes four semesters. Very few students choose to complete the Nursing Program in only two years.

There is tremendous interest in the Nursing profession and programs at Vol State and elsewhere are highly competitive. Planning ahead is absolutely essential. Please call the TSU Office at Vol State at (615) 230-3293, OR the Coordinator of the TSU Nursing Program at (615) 230-3282, OR a Secretary of the Division of Mathematics and Science at Vol State in Gallatin, TN at (615) 230-3261, OR a TSU Community College Recruiter at (615) 353-3577.