VI:02:09 Non-Credit CEU General Admission


The purpose of this policy is to provide information about the general procedures for admission and the admission status of students enrolling in non-credit instructional activities.

General Procedures

A student interested in enrolling in non-credit, CEU instructional activities (classes, workshops, seminars) is not required to apply for formal admission to the College. Their admission status is "non-credit."

Adult students, eighteen (18) years of age or older, must complete the Non-Credit Registration Form, a combination of a shortened version of an application for admission and a registration card, to enroll in non-credit classes. The Non-Credit Workshop Registration Form is required for enrollment in workshops or seminars. These forms are required each semester a student enrolls to ensure accurate biographic/demographic information is on file and eliminating the need for readmission forms or change of information forms.

A student who is seventeen (17) years of age or younger must complete the Non-Credit Registration, Pre-College Age Student Form, also a combination of a shortened version of an application for admission and registration card to enroll in non-credit classes. A waiver of liability is included on this form and must be signed by the parent or guardian of the student. This form is required each semester the student enrolls.

Reference VSCC Policy No. VI:02:07 for information regarding the enrollment of students under the age of eighteen (18).

VSCC Source: July 1, 1989, President; July 11, 1997, President; November 28, 2007, President