III:02:01 Academic Advising and Orientation for First-Time Freshmen


In support of the College's mission to provide student support services appropriate for a diverse student body which support and complement a comprehensive education process and encourage persistence to program completion, the Advising Center and the Academic Divisions provide academic advising. The objective of the academic advising process is to enhance retention by helping students develop strategies for completion of courses and academic programs.


Academic Advising and New Student Orientation are mandatory for all first-time degree or certificate-seeking students prior to registration. All other new students, whether transfer or non-degree seeking, are encouraged to speak with an advisor and participate in new student orientation prior to enrolling for classes. Academic Advising and New Student Orientation are provided through the Advising Center with Academic Divisions assisting with the advising aspect. These programs are conducted to help students develop strategies for completion of courses and/or academic programs in addition to adjusting to college in general. Advisors in the Advising Center conduct New Student Orientation sessions on the main campus and with the assistance of faculty advisors, help new students to develop a class schedule. In subsequent semesters advisors in the Advising Center and faculty advisors continue to assist students with identifying barriers to academic success and developing strategies to remove these barriers.


  1. Prior to registering for courses at Volunteer State Community College for the first time, a first-time degree or certificate-seeking student must attend or participate in New Student Orientation either in-person or online. After completing New Student Orientation, all new students are required to speak with a faculty advisor or an advisor in the Advising Center concerning a class schedule. Once advising is complete students are cleared to register for classes.
  2. A student who requests future advising for academic issues or assistance with class schedule development will meet with an Advisor. The Advisor will help the student identify strategies to address those issues and assist the student with course requirements for degree completion.
  3. An action plan will be developed, if necessary.

VSCC Source: Former III:03:05, April 7, 1999, President; December 16, 2008, President's Cabinet