III:02:03 Career Counseling


Career counseling is provided to assist students in understanding the career decision-making process and to link career decisions to educational objectives.


The Office of Testing and the Advising Center will provide counseling resources to assist students with career decisions and the selection of an academic program. Advisor/Counselors will use various tools available to help students understand their personalities, interests and aptitudes in relation to career choices. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a career plan that will guide students in the career exploration and decision process.


  1. Students who are undecided or indecisive about a career or college major will make a career counseling appointment with an Advisor/Counselor for an intake session.
  2. The Advisor/Counselor will discuss student needs and, based on an assessment of those needs, teach or clarify the career decision-making process, and use the most appropriate career assessment tool(s) available. This information will facilitate the student's being able to link a career choice to educational objectives and selection of an academic program. Referral to other campus and community resources will be made when appropriate.
  3. A career plan will be developed and/or "Change of Major Form" will be completed by the student if necessary.

VSCC Source: Former III:03:01, July 5, 1989, April 3, 1990, September 27, 1990, April 7, 1999, President; November 30, 2007, President