III:04:07 Totally and Permanently Disabled Fee Waiver

This policy provides clarification of and appropriate waiver of tuition and maintenance fees in accordance to TCA 49-7-113 which pertains to individuals who are totally and permanently disabled. (TPD) It is the responsibility of the offices of Disability Services, Admissions, and Financial Aid to be fiscally responsible in implementing the TPD fee waiver procedures. For the purpose of the TPD fee waiver, an individual is considered totally and permanently disabled if he/she is totally incapacitated from working at an occupation which brings him/her an income. Documentation of the disabling condition and its permanency as to preventing employment will be required.

For audit courses, no fee is required for persons with a permanent, total disability. For credit, a fee equal to 50% of the per hour rate with a maximum rate per semester as established by TBR Guideline B-060, is required. This fee includes maintenance fees, student activity fees, technology access fees, international fees and registration fees; it does not preclude an application fee, late fee, change-of-course fee, parking fee, etc. Students are required to pay the additional technology fees associated with RODP courses. The ability for students to receive a TPD fee waiver may be limited or denied by the college on an individual classroom basis according to space availability. Students applying for the TPD fee waiver are not permitted to register for classes more than four (4) weeks prior to the first day of classes.

If a student is eligible for and receiving services through an agency whose mission is to assist individuals to obtain employment, such as the Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (Vocational Rehabilitation) he/she does not meet the criteria for the TPD fee waiver.

For students requesting the TPD waiver, the following procedures are established:

  1. A student confidentially discloses a disability to the Office of Disability Services and requests the TPD fee waiver.
  2. The student provides the necessary documentation from a physician or an agency charged with declaring and/or compensating the TPD status. The physician letter or affidavit must state that the disability has a significant impact, is permanent in nature, and totally incapacitating. Agency documentation can include an agency award letter, copy of an agency check or other notification of the disability status.
  3. The Office of Disability Services receives all documentation, notifies the Admissions, Business and the Financial Aid Offices. These offices will make the necessary changes on the computer database and code for payment for the TPD fee waiver.

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