III:15:04 Class Rolls/Grade Rolls/Student Schedules

Class Rolls

Class rolls are generated online as students register for classes and will be instantly updated as students drop and add classes. Class rolls are available for faculty use in the Student Information System. Faculty should check their class rolls very carefully to determine if students who are attending classes are listed on the rolls. If a student's name is not on the roll, but attending class, the student must report to the Office of Records and Registration to determine why his/her name has been omitted.

Midterm Class Rolls

Midterm Deficiency Rolls are available online in the Student Information System for posting mid-term deficiencies. The College Catalog indicates that students who are in danger of receiving a grade below the accepted minimum will receive a notice indicating the lack of satisfactory progress. Midterm Deficiency Reporting occurs for fall and spring semesters. Midterm deficiency reporting does not occur for summer semester.

Final Grade Rolls

Grade rolls for posting final grades online are available in the Student Information System during the final exam period until the published final grade due date. Final Grade Rolls will be made available the first day of the exam period for a given term. Final Grade Rolls may be made available for sessions of less than 15 weeks at the discretion of the College Registrar.

Student Class Schedules

Students' class schedules are available in the Student Information System for faculty and student to access.

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