IV:03:02 Emergency Procedure for On-The Job Injuries to Employees


Respond to injuries/illnesses to on-the-job injuries to employees


On-the-job Injury/Illness will be immediately reported to the Campus Police. Campus Police will respond to the emergency and notify the Health and Safety Coordinator.

Chronic On-The-Job Injury, or chronic pain related to work duties, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back/neck pain, etc. should be reported to the Health and Safety Coordinator as soon as the symptoms become apparent to the employee

Serious Injury/Illness - Life Threatening Injury: Contact Community Emergency Medical Service 9-911 immediately. Then notify Campus Police.

VSCC Source: Former III:06:02, April 7, 1999, President; Student Services Assigned New Number III:08:02, then Changed to be under Business & Finance area, IV:03:02, January 23, 2009, President's Cabinet