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Frequently Asked Questions


May I fax my bid?
Fax bids will be accepted only if the total is under $25,000.00. (See #10 of our Standard Bid and Contract Terms and Conditions.)
May we attend bid openings?
Yes, bid openings are open for vendors to attend.
How is a bid award determined?
A bid analysis is processed for every bid. Copies of this analysis and all bids are sent to the requesting department. The department reviews the bids and makes a decision of award.
Do you always go with the low bid?
Yes, low bids are always awarded unless low bids do not meet our requested specifications.
Do you always go with total low?
No, a bid may be awarded based on total low or by individual line items.
How can I obtain a copy of the bid analysis?
  1. Send a self-addressed envelope and request with your bid.
  2. Call the Purchasing & Contracts Office at (615) 230-3352 or (615) 230-3566 and ask for a copy to be either mailed or faxed to you.
Who do I contact if I have questions about the bid?
For technical questions, you will need to contact the person that is indicated below the last item on the bid. For all other questions concerning the bid, you will need to contact the Director of Purchasing & Contracts at (615) 230-3352.
May I put the bid response on our own form?
No, the bids must be completed on our forms with an authorized signature to be accepted by the College. The Bid Certification Sheet must also be returned with your bid.
May I make changes to my bid after the opening date?
No, changes may not be made after a bid has opened. Changes may be made prior to the opening date/time. Changes must be initialed by an authorized employee of the company.
May I bid an alternate bid?
Yes, you may bid more than one option for a particular item, unless the College specifies “no alternate bids will be accepted”. Alternate bids must meet the minimum requirements of the bid specifications to be accepted.


Who do I send invoices to?
Send all invoices to the attention of Volunteer State Community College’s Account Payable Office, 1480 Nashville Pike, Gallatin TN 37066-3188.
What information is needed when invoicing?
Along with the specific items being billed, please be sure to include the purchase order or contract number and the College employee requesting the item. This will aid Accounts Payable in prompt processing of your invoice.
Who do I contact with a questions regarding payment on an invoice?
You may contact the Accounts Payable Office at (615) 230-3582.
How long will it take for payment to be made?
After an invoice is received and paperwork is complete, invoices are typically processed within 7-10 business days. Invoices for capital projects take longer due to processing requirements through our Tennessee Board of Regents.
How do I bill for freight?
Freight should be a separate line items on the invoice. Freight for bids can only be paid if it was included on the original Invitation to Bid.


How may I get on your list of approved vendors?
You must fill out a vendor application.
How do I obtain a vendor application?
You may print one from our website or call the Purchasing & Contracts Office at (615) 230-3352 or (615) 230-3566.
On item 10 of the vendor application, what do I put if my company’s annual sales exceed $1,500,000.00?
You may indicate, in the space below this amount, that your sales are over $1,500,000.00.
I do not see my specific commodity/service on the listing of commodity codes, what do I put?
Please put the code that best describes your commodity/service. If there is not one that closely resembles your commodity/service, please indicate this on the commodity section of the vendor application.
Why do I have to fill out information regarding my company’s ownership ethnicity/company size? Will this affect if I receive any business from the College?
The College is required to submit a quarterly report to the Tennessee Board of Regents (the College’s governing board) showing the volume of business done with small, minority, disabled, and women-owned businesses. This does not affect a company’s ability to receive business from the College.