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Summer Bridge Program

RX-TN Summer Bridge

Are you going into a Vol State program that leads to a healthcare career?

Do you want to save time and money and bypass Learning Support classes?

The Summer Bridge program is for students who expect to apply to a Health Science program at Vol State and need at least one Learning Support class.  This free program will prepare students to pass the Compass test, which, if passed with a high enough score, will place students in college level classes.  Currently, if a student tests into all three learning support classes, he or she would have to pay nearly $1400 for those courses.  The summer bridge program would prepare students to test out of those learning support requirements and move right into college-level courses.   In addition to engaging lessons designed to bolster student reading, writing, and math skills, students will hear presentation on various college success topics so they are prepared to learn at the college level and to ease the transition to Vol State.  

Students hoping to apply to Vol State's Health Sciences programs will benefit from testing out of Learning Support courses, as it may increase your ability to apply to your professional program in a more timely manner.  It is common for students who need Learning Support classes to have their professional program application delayed by at least one academic year.  Students who successfully complete the Summer Bridge and test out of their Learning Support courses will have the opportunity to join the Health Sciences Cohort, a learning community that guarantees students seats in pre-requisite courses and offers opportunities for academic assistance, engagement, and advancement.

Program Requirements

Students wanting to participate in the Summer bridge must:

  • Be accepted as students into Volunteer State Community College - you can apply to the school here: http://www.volstate.edu/Admissions/apply.php
  • Require at least one Learning Support class (Reading, Writing, or Math).
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Be pursuing a program related to a Healthcare career.
  • Be willing to conscientiously attend the Summer Bridge program in its entirety.  Any absences must be cleared by the Program staff.
Contact us to find out more about the Summer Bridge Program being offered Summer 2015
Possible College Success Topics:
  • Campus Orientation
  • Digital Literacy (learning to use the campus computer programs)
  • Time Management
  • Learning and Development (learning how to learn)
  • Learning Styles and strategies
  • Choosing a career
  • Healthcare career information
  • Activity and Club information
To complete application:

Completing the application does not guarantee a spot in the class. Students who are accepted into the program will receive a confirmation email.

The Summer Bridge will be limited to 24 students. To apply to be a part of this free and exciting program, fill out the application below: