College Reinvented

Volunteer State Community College is offering a new way to go to college. College Reinvented tracks streamline the college-going process to make it easier, while providing a clear path forward. They feature:

College Reinvented comes in two forms: Freshman Experience Track and Fast Track. Tracks are simply the days and times these classes will be held. They also outline the path forward for the next semester.

Freshman Experience

Freshman Experience Track programs are designed to be an easier way for new students to get started on a college degree. Classes are taken at the same speed as traditional classes, but with added ease in registration and all of the extra academic support. The Freshman Experience Track programs are offered in several academic areas including Pre-Allied Health, transfer programs and Learning Support. Click here for more details.

Fast Track programs are accelerated, helping students achieve their goals quickly. They are career-oriented certificates, which are measures of academic achievement useful in the career fields. Fast Track programs are offered in Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Logistics and Office Management Technology. Click here for more details.

There is a commitment required from students for College Reinvented programs. Students must commit to attend classes and participate in program activities. Interested students should contact Kristi Huffine, the Fast Track and Freshman Experience Track Coordinator, at or 615-230-3619.