New web site has Tennessee college and university information in Spanish and English

Submitted on July 13, 2010 at 12:20 PM

Avancemos Juntos is the name of a new web site designed to help Hispanic families in Tennessee get information about going to college. The web site is written in Spanish and English. The creators hope that it will be used by students and parents.

"We thought that teenagers could sit down and discuss college with their Spanish speaking parents," said organizer Eric Melcher, communications coordinator with Volunteer State Community College. "We have tips on applying to college, financial aid and the different types of colleges and universities in Tennessee."

The web site is part of a non-profit grant program. The purpose of the program is to provide college information to Hispanic families in the state, with much of that information specific to Tennessee.

"There can be confusion about how the American higher education system works and what types of schools are in Tennessee. We think this web site can help students and families get ready for college."

The web site can be viewed at www.avancemosjuntos.org


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