Learning Support Classes Provide Flexibility and Offer Self-Pacing

Submitted on August 12, 2011 at 8:31 AM

Learning Support Math, English and Reading classes are expanding this year at Vol State and that means more students have questions about how the classes work. Students who need to take Learning Support classes are notified with a letter. If you have questions we have a new web page that has answers. We'd also like to highlight a Vol State student who has already taken advantage of the flexibility that Learning Support classes offer. Sabina Burt needed to take two math classes in Learning Support:

"I went through an entire math class in one month and had both math classes done in less than one semester," Burt said. "I loved the self-pacing. I also think it's convenient that you can do it at home. In the Learning Commons you have two different ways you can learn. They show you one way on the computer program for the class, but the instructor can show you another way one-on-one if you need it."

Visit the web page for more information: www.volstate.edu/LearningSupport

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