Students Try Distracted Driving Simulator

Distracted driving simulator at Vol StateYou have probably heard warnings about texting and driving. Volunteer State Community College drove the point home recently with a special vehicle simulator available for students to try on the Gallatin campus. It’s called the Save a Life Tour and it’s put on by a company from Michigan. The simulator allows people to see how dangerous texting can be while driving. The simulator puts them in the driver’s seat and the driver has to respond to texts being sent. Students say they were surprised by the experience.

“It was really scary when the text messages were added,” said Elizabeth Skinner-Orgeron of Donelson. “I swerved a lot and I missed several turns. I ran off the road at one point.”

“It was very hard, the steering wheel is very sensitive,” said Brandy Nicholson of Hendersonville. “You have one mistake and you run off the road or into a car.”

“Students these days are attached to their technology,” Brenda Buffington, Vol State Director of Evening Services said. “So, we look for any way that we can help educate them and help them to be more responsible while driving.”


Pictured: Vol State student Ryan Smith of Lebanon tries his hand at the texting and driving simulator.