Stay on Track at Vol State

Vol State cyber cafeA big priority at Vol State is making sure that students stay on track and take the courses they need for their degree and university transfer. Doing so can save students both time and money. Vol State staff members offer these suggestions for students. The first is to meet regularly with their academic advisor. Students are assigned an academic advisor when they apply to the college and go through orientation. The second suggestion is to use an online tool called DegreeWorks. It’s free and available to all students on their My Vol State web page. It shows a student exactly what classes they need to take for their particular degree path. The final suggestion is to map out their college career. If students plan to transfer to a university they will want to pick that university and major as soon as possible, to make sure that they take the courses at Vol State that will apply to their four-year degree. One way to guarantee that is to use what are called Tennessee Transfer Pathways. The pathways provide a road map of classes for students from Vol State to specific academic programs at state four-year schools. For a complete list visit the Vol State website at

If you need help please visit the Advising Center for your campus or call us at 615-230-3702.