Returning Students

Any former student not enrolled at Volunteer State Community College the previous semester (excluding the summer) who wishes to return to the College must file an application for readmission. A student who is readmitted after a one semester suspension is completed will be readmitted as having Academic Probation Status. This status can be removed by maintaining a 2.00 QPA or by meeting the cumulative standard for QPA for that semester.

Former students seeking readmission to the College will be subject to all admission requirements as stated in other admission categories outlined in the College Catalog depending on the admission status a prospective student is seeking. All admission requirements for a prospective student's prior status must be completely fulfilled prior to that student being readmitted to Volunteer State Community College.

Former students seeking readmission to a degree or certificate program at the College must meet the following requirements:

Readmit Application:

A completed re-admit application for admission to Volunteer State Community College is required.


Re-admitting applicants who would like to be eligible for a state public benefit (in-state tuition) are required to verify their US citizenship or lawful presence with the college if they have not done so previously.  To learn more, please visit our citizenship page.

Transfer Credentials:

Applicants for readmission seeking a degree or certificate from Volunteer State Community College who have enrolled for any credit classes in another institution of higher education since last attending Volunteer State Community College, regardless of whether they wish to receive credit for it, must submit a complete official transcript to the Office of Admissions from each institution attended. Faxed or student issued copies of transcripts are not considered official. In every case credentials must include a complete record of credits earned in all previous secondary schools attended and a complete record of grades from all collegiate institutions attended. Failure to indicate previous college attendance on the readmit application for admission may subject a student to dismissal from the College.

Readmit applicants should refer to the Granting Transfer Credit section for information on course evaluation and credit transferability.

Placement Testing:

Unless otherwise exempt by ACT scores, transfer credit, etc., all degree-seeking applicants are required to take a placement test. The placement test is designed to measure skills in reading, writing, and math. Certificate students are not required to complete placement testing unless taking a course with placement requirements. Applicants whose native language is not English may be required to complete a specialized placement test.

Readmit applicants who have not been assessed at a Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institution or completed any college-level courses in English composition and/or college-level math with a grade of "C" or better will be assessed according to the College's assessment and placement procedures. Transfer applicants with valid (less than five years old) ACT scores may be placed using those scores.

Draft Registration:

All male applicants, born in 1960 or later, who have attained the age of 18, must have proof of draft registration before registering for classes at Volunteer State Community College. If a male applicant is under the age of 18 at the time of admission, the applicant must provide proof of registration with Selective Service upon turning 18 years of age if still enrolled at Volunteer State Community College.


Please visit our immunization page for detailed information about the types of vaccinations required.