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Licensed X-Ray Tech.

Physicians Urgent Care -

Job DescriptionJob Title: Licensed X-Ray Tech
Location: Franklin/Brentwood

Job Description:
Responsible for providing basic clinical care to patients. Duties include initial clinical evaluations as well as directed procedures for urgent care, occupational health and worker’s compensation procedures. This position will perform x-ray testing including body mechanics and patient movement using knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Prepare patients for continued medical evaluation by physicians by taking a brief history, establishing vital signs, recording appropriate documentation and recognizing levels of acuity allowing appropriate medical intervention when necessary.

Essential Responsibilities in the role include:
• Greets patients when as patient is called to the clinical area.
• Prepare patients for radiological procedures.
• Provides timely follow up regarding lab and x-ray results.
• Executes follow-up calls.
• Assists Registrars with patient check in/out procedures when necessary.
• Obtains and accurately documents patient vital signs and weight, takes brief history, past medical, family and social history, current medication, allergies and other pertinent historical information.
• Assists with procedures directly supervised by the physician.
• Prepares patients for radiologic procedures and follows established clinical and regulatory procedures in regards to patient safety and care. Including proper radiation protection and shielding techniques.
• Ensures that all equipment is in proper working order and reports any malfunctions to the manager or physician on duty.
• Follows documentation procedures and completes required paperwork related to patient visit.
• Maintain examination rooms and stocks necessary supplies.
• Adheres to infection control/safety guidelines and patient confidentiality policies.
• Phlebotomy, injections, medical procedures and laboratory procedures appropriate for level of training under the direction of a physician.
• Preforms other duties as assigned.

Position Type:
• Full-Time
• Part-Time

Job Requirements• Ability to relay information in a positive method.
• Ability to diffuse upset patients and present a solution to their problem.
• Proficient with practice management software and overall knowledge of MS Office.
• Ability to work efficiently in a team or solo environment.
• Ability to work in a fast pace environment.
• Ability to work 12 hour shifts
• Ability to work weekends
Required Experience:
• High School diploma or equivalent.
• Valid State License to perform X-rays.

Qualifications Education: Certification
Experience: 1 year

Work HoursCompensationJob typeStart Date
9AM-9PM/7AM-7PMNegotiableFull timeMay 29, 2017

Company Description We are a walk in clinic and emergency care facility in Franklin and Brentwood, TN. Our goal is to provide quality medical services when you are ill, in pain or in a hurry. Our staff have the training and experience to care for a wide range of illnesses or injuries.

Contact Information Sherry Hessey

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