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With tax season fast approaching, please remember to select electronic delivery for receipt of your 1098-T tax information on My Vol State. Some of the benefits of electronic delivery are:

  • Faster delivery, no more waiting on a paper copy in the mail.
  • The ability to print as many copies as you need of your 1098-T any time you need them.
  • Provides a more secure method to receive your tax information.
  • Go green - save resources.

Click HERE to find out how to select electronic delivery of your 1098-T tax information.


All fees are payable at the time of registration each semester, unless otherwise noted in the schedule of classes or the How to Pay page on this website. Registration at the beginning of each term is incomplete until all fees are paid, and no student may be admitted to classes without having met his/her financial obligations. No student may re-enroll, graduate, or receive a transcript until all accounts are settled. The term "account" includes any indebtedness or obligation to the College. The student's responsibility for any indebtedness or obligation to the College is not relieved by non-attendance of class.

Tuition and Fees for the 2017-2018 academic year

Maintenance Fees
In-State Students $160 per semester hour up to 12 hours
$32 per hour for additional hours above 12
Out-of-State Students

$659 per semester hour up to 12 hours
$132 per hour for additional hours above 12

Dual Enrollment Students

$166 per semester hour up to 12 hours
$33 per hour for additional hours above 12

Detailed In-State Fees
Detailed Out-Of-State Fees
Detailed Dual Enrollment Fees
Audit, Senior Citizen, & Disability Fees

TN eCampus Program (formerly RODP) Fees
In-State Students $160 per hour, no maximum
Out-of-State Students $659 per hour, no maximum
Online Course Fee $64 per hour, no maximum

Detailed TN eCampus In-State Fees
Detailed TN eCampus Out-Of-State Fees
Detailed Dual Enrollment TN eCampus Fees

E-Rate Fees
E-Rate for VSCC online courses $240 per credit hour, no maximum
E-Rate for RODP courses $296 per credit hour, no maximum

Detailed VSCC E-Rate Fees
Detailed TN eCampus E-Rate Fees

Technology Access Fee
Technology Access $9 per semester hour or $112.50 maximum per semester
Miscellaneous Fees
Student Government Fee (1), (2) $5 per semester
Student Access Fee (1), (2) $11 per semester
Activity Fee (1), (2) $7 per semester
International Education Fee (1), (2) $10 per semester
Sustainable Campus Fee (1), (2) $1 per semester
Music Fees – Individual Music Instruction (2) $55.00 per credit hour
Vet Tech Fees (VET 125, 220, 250, & 260) (2) $18.00 per class
Vet Tech Fees (VET 101, VET 110, VET 230) (2) $20.00 per class
Radiology Fee (RAD 111C, 211C, 112C, & 212C) (2) $30.00 per class
Science Lab Fee (Anatomy and Physiology I) (2) $10.00 per class
Science Lab Fee (all other science courses w/ lab) (2) $20.00 per class
Liability Insurance Coverage (2)

$13.00 per students that have clinicals at a Tri-Star facility(enrolled in the following programs:

Radiology, Physical Therapy, Ultrasound Tech, Respiratory Care, HIMT, Med Lab Tech,

Polysomnography, BEMT, AEMT, and Paramedic)

Returned Check Fee (3) $30.00 per returned item
Deferred Payment Service Fee (2) $25.00 per semester
Deferred Payment Late fee (3) $25.00 per month up to a max of $100.00 per semester
Late Registration Fee (2) $25.00
Included Fees (4)
CHEM 1030-Fundamentals of Chemistry $81.25
PSCI 1030-An Intro to Physical Science $81.25
BIOL 1110-General Biology I $81.25
BIOL 1120-General Biology II $81.25
BIOL 2010-Human Anatomy and Physiology I $81.25
BIOL 2020-Human Anatomy and Physiology II $81.25
ADMN 1312-Intermediate Keyboarding $75.00
BUSN1302-Keyboarding w/ Word Processing $67.50
BUSN1305-Introduction to Business $81.25
BUSN 1310-Business Communications $81.25
BUSN 1320-Business Calculations $100.00
ECON 2100-Macroeconomics $81.25
ECON 2200-Microeconomics $81.25
CRMJ 1010-Intro to Criminal Justice $51.56
CRMJ 1020-Intro to Legal Process $59.99
CRMJ 2010-Intro to Law Enforcement $54.38


(1) These fees are added to the total of maintenance and technology fees. TN eCampus students do not pay these fees unless they are enrolled in both TN eCampus and VSCC courses.

(2) Refundable only during the 100% refund period. For additional information on refunds, please go to http://www.volstate.edu/BusinessOffice/Refunds.php

(3) Non-Refundable.

(4) The last day for a 100% refund on IncludEd Fees is set by Follett bookstore and will coincide with their refund dates.

Access to billing statements: Account statement information will be available to students in My VolState to view or print out for their records. Postcard notifications are only mailed one time per semester. Students on the Deferred Payment Plan do not receive paper bills.

Fee change policies: The college, in conjunction with the Tennessee Board of Regents, reserves the right to add, delete or change fees for admission to the college or for services rendered by the college at any time without prior notice to the public.