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Dual Credits

Quick Facts

  • Complete selected courses in high school, pass a competency test at Vol State, and earn college credit.
  • A completed Permission to Test Form is required.
  • The cost is $30 per test.
  • A photo ID is required at the time of testing.

Career and Technical Education students who take the high school courses listed below may get Volunteer State college credits if they pass a test covering competencies from the matching college course. Assessments are given at the Vol State Testing Center in the Wood Campus Center. Students must apply and schedule a test date and time through the Office of Off-Campus Sites, Dual Enrollment, and Perkins Initiatives located in Room 134 or 118 of the Ramer Building.

Dual Credits Available 09-10

High School Course(s) Vol State Dual Credits Credits
Computer Programming CIS 113 Visual Basic 3
Criminal Justice I & II CJA 201 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
Early Childhood Edu. Careers I & II ECED 2010 Safe, Healthy Learn. Environ 3
Engineering Design/CAD (5788) EGR 101 Engineering 3
Foundations Of Hospitality (5780 or 5655 or 5025) HTL 110 Intro to Hospitality 3
Health Science Courses (any 3 courses) AHC 115 Medical Terminology 3
Integrated Input Tech (3730) CIS 100 Micro. Applications & Lit. 3
Keyboarding/Document Form. (3710 & 3775) BUS 111 Keyb. with Word 3
Marketing I & II MKT 110 Principles of Marketing 3
Web Page Design I, II, & III (3758, 3759, 3760) CIS 210 Fundamentals of Web Programming 3

Dual Credit Assessment Procedures

  • A completed Permission to Test Form is required, and must be followed with an official high school transcript. The Permission to Test Form may be downloaded, picked up in person in Ramer Room 134 or 118, and by email or fax by after contacting from or calling us at (615) 230 - 3743.
  • Based on the completed Permission to Test Form, we will email or fax study/preview material for test(s) the student will be taking. Students should provide an email address or fax number, or pick up these materials at the time they turn in the Permission to Test Form. The college study materials plus any materials the high school teacher can provide should be mastered thoroughly before the student makes a reservation to take the test. All tests are multiple choice and most require approximately one hour each to complete (CIS 100, 113, and 210 require about 90 minutes). The cost is $30 per test.
  • When the student is fully prepared to test, he/she should email or phone (615) 230 - 3743 to schedule a dual credit test date and time. An official High School Transcript must be on file before a test can be scheduled. Tests are given in the Vol State Testing Center located in the Wood Campus Center.
  • A photo ID is required at the time of testing.

CTE Dual Enrollment

CTE students apply to Vol State for admission and take college course(s) either on the high school campus, at a Vol State site, or online. College credits are transferable to most colleges and universities. High school students must have a 3.0 in the subject area; ACT scores are not required.

CTE Dual Enrollment Course Suggestions

  • CIS 100 Microcomputer Applications & Literacy (3 credits)
  • CIS 141 Electronic Presentations For Communication (3 credits)
  • CIS 150 Microcomputer Spreadsheets (3 credits)
  • BUS 222 Business Communications (3 credits)
  • BUS 110 Introduction to Business (3 credits)
  • AHC 115 Medical Terminology (3 credits)
  • AHC 130 Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences (4 credits)**
  • LGM 130 Introduction to Logistics Management (3 credits)
  • CJA 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • ECED 1010 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (2 credits)

**This course will NOT substitute for college Biology nor satisfy any part of the general education natural science requirement for an Associates degree. It is NOT BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy and Physiology.

More information on Dual Enrollment can be found on the Vol State Dual Enrollment site.