The TBR Employee Charitable Campaign is your chance to make a difference. We're proud of the longstanding support Volunteer State has given over the years. We are consistently among the top schools in the entire TBR system for charitable giving.

Joining Together Making a Difference.

It's time to push that further and in the process give these agencies a shot at helping more people. If you're a new employee we encourage you to sign up. If you haven't given before we urge you to consider donating this year. If you've donated in the past we encourage you to increase your giving. Even a small increase can become a big deal if we all work together.

The great thing about the TBR "Building a Brighter Tomorrow" campaign is the choices you are offered. There are three federations to choose from: United Ways of Tennessee, Community Shares and Community Health Charities. There are also 10 independent charity groups. You can choose where you want your money to go.

This only happens once a year. It's important to sign up now. We sent everyone an information packet and sign up information in an email. You can also click on the links on the left. You'll find links for the charitable groups there, as well. They include lists of organizations they support and specifics on what services they provide.

Please take a moment and fill out the donor pledge form (last page of the PDF) and return it to human resources. This is your time to make a difference.

Thank you from the 2009 Charitable Campaign Team.