Vol State offers several academic programs in what is called the Fast-Track format. Students move through a Fast-Track program as a group, learning and studying together. The programs have extra academic support and have specific people assigned to watch over student progress. There are differences in the programs. Some are accelerated in pace to allow students to achieve a certificate or degree quickly. Other programs are designed for working students to complete with a work-minded class schedule. They all provide a clear path of coursework. The ultimate goal of Fast-Track is to help students succeed.

Certificates are similar to degrees in that they are a Tennessee Board of Regents approved measure of academic attainment. They are often used for career-oriented programs to provide a stepping stone into the workplace. They can be achieved in a shorter amount of time than a full degree. They can also lead to full associate degree programs in some subjects.

This is a list of current Fast-Track programs. Click on the link for specifics about the program. Contact the faculty member listed for each program for details on how to enroll. All students will need to apply to the college first. That can be done through the Office of Admissions. Some students may need to complete Learning Support classes before starting some programs, if they have test scores that fall below a certain level in Math, English, and Reading.

Criminal Justice Fast-Track
The Criminal Justice technical certificate fast-track program is an accelerated version of the 18 credit-hour Criminal Justice technical certificate program. This fast-paced version allows students to complete the curriculum in one semester.
Contact: james.brown@volstate.edu or call (615) 230-3787
Early Childhood Education Fast-Track
The accelerated format will guide students through the program as a group, allowing students to complete the Early Childhood technical certificate by attending classes one night per week with online components. This certificate can lead to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education.
Contact: susan.brandt@volstate.edu or call (615) 230-3380
Logistics Fast-Track
The accelerated Logistics & Supply Chain Management technical certificate is a fast-paced program with online coursework that can lead a student to career opportunities in transportation, distribution, manufacturing, and supervision. The accelerated technical certificate allows students to complete the 16-credit-hour curriculum in one semester.
Contact: BusTechInfo@volstate.edu or call (615) 230-3301