Learning Support

Student Success Stories

Stacey Massingale

"I want to get as much done as I can get done and then move on. So, the ability to work ahead means that if I have extra time I can get more class work done. That worked well for me. You can go back and review the videos and previous stuff and go through a problem a bunch of times if you need to. The online portion of it was really informative, a step-by-step process that broke it down for me. I'm not a math person by any means, but it made it easier. At first my goal was to finish my Math 0810 class early and I ended up in November being finished with all of this time left, so I said- let's go for it – and I took the next math class I needed. It takes a lot of extra time outside of class. You have to be dedicated to do two classes in one semester."
-Stacey Massingale

Richard Wade

"When they told us we had the option to finish early and do two math classes (in one semester) I pushed myself to get it done. Being on a self-paced basis allowed me to go quickly through the part I didn't need a lot of help with, so I could spend more time on the part I did need help with. It allowed me to focus and spend more time on the tough parts, rather than having to keep pace with an entire class. They walk you through it, step-by-step, in the videos. It's given me confidence in online courses. I'm talking another online math class now."
-Richard Wade

Rodney Baldwin

"My instructor is there when I need help, otherwise you're almost at your own pace in Reading. The vocabulary and guided practice makes it easier to understand. It's a great foundation to help me in my future English classes. I'm going to get all three Learning Support classes that I need, done this semester."
-Rodney Baldwin

Sabina Burt

"I went through an entire math class in one month and had both math classes done in less than one semester. I loved the self-pacing. I also think it's convenient that you can do it at home. In the Learning Commons you have two different ways you can learn. They show you one way on the computer program for the class, but the instructor can show you another way one-on-one if you need it."
-Sabina Burt

Brandy Parker

"You can go at your own pace. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you need to. Because of that, I could work very quickly and finish it up. My first math class took me three weeks to complete. I'm now working on the next one. I like the video lectures. You can listen and watch it as many times as you need to. It's awesome that you can do that."
-Brandy Parker