Career Planning System

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The edamerica® College and Career Planning System also includes tools to help you design your resume. As long as you log into your account at least once a year, it will remain active.

If you would like to discuss your results or have questions, contact The Office of Counseling and Testing at Volunteer State Community College by calling (615) 230 - 3484 or toll-free at 888-335-VSCC, extension 3484.

Member Login
  • Direct your browser to
  • New users register by clicking New Users.
    (Existing members click the Existing Members field provided)
  • Create a unique member name and password. Be sure to write down your member name and password in the space provided for future reference if needed.
  • Complete the member and optional information.
  • When asked for the College's J or X Code enter: J3899575HPZ.
  • Click SIGN UP.
  • Welcome to your Edamerica® College and Career Planning System Portfolio Home Page.
Take An Assessment
  • At the bottom of the home page, enter the appropriate Batch Code for the assessment you plan to take under TAKE AN ASSESSMENT
  • Enter only one assessment batch code at a time. You do not have to pay to take the assessment.
Kuder® Career Search with Person Match
Kuder® Skills Assessment
Super's Work Values Inventory® - revised
  • Click GO!
  • You may now begin taking the assessment. Follow these same instructions for each assessment you take.
Printing/Reviewing My Results
  • Print a copy of your results from the Internet browser, or save your results to a disk.
  • You may also re-enter your portfolio to review your results on-screen. Re-enter your portfolio by going to and click on the Existing Members field. At your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE click on REPORT next to the assessment results you wish to view.
Kuder® Electronic Career Portfolio
  • Start your portfolio by clicking on any of the tabs under the Quick Jump section on the left of your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE.
  • Edit your portfolio information by clicking the Edit Button.
  • The home tab will take you back to your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE.
  • The online format allows access your portfolio to enter and update information 24 hours a day.