Alumni Scholarship

The Volunteer State College Alumni Advisory Council funds a scholarship program through Alumni donations. The number and value of awards granted each year are based on funds available.

  • Requires 2.0 GPA
  • Covers full tuition for an academic year
  • For family members of a Vol State alumnus
  • Family members include:
    • children
    • stepchildren
    • spouses
    • siblings
    • step-siblings
    • grandchildren
    • step-grandchildren
    • parents
    • stepparents
    • grandparents
    • step-grandparents
    • nieces
    • nephews
Apply Online!

You can call the Foundation Office at (615) 230 - 3526 if you have questions.


You must be the family member of a Volunteer State College Alumni (an Alumni is a person who received a degree or certificate from Vol State). In order for your application to be considered, the Volunteer State College Alum that you are related to must sign your scholarship application. This is done in lieu of a letter of recommendation. Applicant must also submit an essay as part of the application process.

The recipient of the scholarship is selected annually (June) by the Volunteer State College Alumni Advisory Council. If you are selected as a finalist you may be interviewed by the Alumni Advisory Council.

Tips for writing VSCC Alumni Scholarship Essay

When applying for a scholarship, it is required that every applicant write an essay. This outline can also be used when drafting a speech for Foundation or Alumni Association dinner/luncheon/breakfast meetings.

  1. Include future plans as they relate to your area of study as well as any special circumstances regarding your financial situation.
  2. Tell about your family - example: single parent/number of children; married/number of children. Include the information regarding your family member who is a Volunteer State College Alumnus (year they graduated, degree obtained, major, did they go on to a four year institution, etc.). This family member is also required to sign your scholarship application.
  3. If any, tell about your hardships - example:
    1. did you give up your life to take care of an ailing parent/grandparent for X amount of years?
    2. were you homeless, how it happened and who helped you along the way?
    3. are you unemployed, lost your job recently, physically injured, etc.?
    4. are you legally disabled?
    However, do not give details that will make you uncomfortable or embarrass you.
  4. Tell how you have reached this point in your life and why you chose to attend Volunteer State Community College.
  5. Tell what impact this scholarship has had or will have on your life and how it will help alleviate financial burdens.
  6. Tell how you plan to give back when you are successful - involvement in Alumni Association, tutoring, counseling, volunteer work, etc.
  7. Include any achievements / honors / or awards you have receive (i.e. student of the month, Phi Theta Kappa inductee, etc.). Committees, clubs, or organizations you have served on or been a part of. List any volunteer or community work that you have done.
  8. Put yourself in the donor's place (or the committee choosing recipients) (or the audience listening) and think about the information they would be interested in.
  9. Give details that will emphasize to the donor why it is important to continue funding this scholarship.
  10. Get started, apply online!