Academic Advising

Advising Center

All degree-seeking students with an undeclared/undecided major, as well as students who are non-degree seeking, are assigned to the Advising Center (Ramer 174) for academic advising. Advisors/Counselors in the Advising Center perform the following duties:

  • Advising for all Undecided and Non-Degree Students
  • Advising for all students when faculty advisors are not available
  • Assistance with transfer issues
  • Maintenance of transfer equivalency tables and other transfer information
  • Assistance with general advising information for divisions
  • Developmental screening of transfer and transient students
  • Explaining placement assessment results
  • Modifying computer screens to allow enrollment
  • Production and distribution of the Advising Resource Manual
  • Advisor training
  • Career counseling
  • Limited personal counseling
  • Educational planning
  • ALERTS (early alert system) for students in conjunction with Retention Support Services
  • Regents Online Degree Program student contact
  • Directions - New Student Orientation program (Online and On-Campus)

The Advising Center has five (5) computers available for students to complete the Directions orientation program, register for classes, modify their class schedule or check out information about Vol State or other colleges. When registering for a class, the student should follow the PRIDE Online instructions on the College website.

Additionally, Evening Advisor/Counselors are available to speak with students and are located in Evening Student Services (Wood 217). Please contact (615) 230 - 3653 for more information.

Advising Issues That May Arise

If a student has no V-Number

Try to find the student in Banner by last name. Make sure you check the first name and middle initial. If two (2) students have the same name including middle initial, check the birthdate.

If a hold comes up for orientation

Ask if the student completed orientation online. If so, the student should have entered a Student ID (V#) before clicking the submit button. Once the student completes the final quiz, an email will be sent to the Advising Center and the hold will be cleared the following business day.

If a new freshman student has no test scores

Contact the Advising Center to determine if testing is needed.

If a hold comes up for advising

In Internet Native Banner go to the SOAHOLD screen. Enter the V# of the student then click Next Block. Click in the "To:" box and type T to bring up today's date. Save your changes!

If the student wants to enroll in twelve (12) credit hours or more and the MMR message comes up

Then the student needs to submit additional proof of MMR immunization to the Office of Admissions (Ramer 173).

If a Pre-Req error comes up

Check the catalog for required pre-requisite courses, ask the student if all pre-req. courses have been completed and verify through unofficial transcripts, contact the division office for a permit if the student has completed all pre-reqs. for the course. If test scores have not been updated after the completion of a course at Vol State, contact the Advising Center.

Developmental Class Codes in Banner

(These are subject to change with the Developmental Redesign Project - Please check with Advising Center for an update list beginning Fall 2010)

Math Developmental Studies

Sequence Course Code
1 Basic Math DSPM 0700
2 Elementary Algebra DSPM 0800
3 Intermediate Algebra DSPM 0850
4 College Level Math No Developmental

Reading Developmental Studies

Sequence Course Code
1 Reading I DSPR 0700
2 Reading II DSPR 0800
4 No Developmental No Developmental

Writing Strategies Developmental Studies

Sequence Course Code
1 Writing I DSPW 0700
2 Writing II DSPW 0800
4 No Developmental No Developmental

Learning Strategies

Sequence Course Code
1 Learning Strategies DSPS 0800

Delivery Method Information

Class Description Section
Traditional Lecture in classroom, instructor to present 001, 002, 501,551, 801, 901, 951
Full-Time Friday F01 = Same as Traditional, but classes meet only on Friday F01
Online VSCC Vol State Instructor. May require some proctored exams in a TBR Testing Center; Science courses may have on ground lab. NO EXTRA FEES C01, C02, C03, C04……. C10
Online RODP Regents' Instructor, May require proctored exams in a TBR Testing Center. ADDITIONAL FEES R50 (lecture), R80 (lab - Science courses only)
Videotape Only 1 - 4 class meetings. Saturday or one evening per week. V31, V32, V51, V52, V81, V82
Hybrid 25% in class, 75% online H31, H32, H41, H51, H52, H53, H81, H83
ITV Interactive Television, Gallatin To Livingston, Scheduled as Traditional D01, D51
Weekend 3-hour courses meet once per week. 4-hour science courses meet on Saturday with lab one evening per week. Instructor present. W41, W91
NewSkills Lab format class. Some classes have required meeting times others are flexible scheduling. N01, N02, N03….. N07, N41, N51, N52, N99
ESOL Classes for students whose first language is not English. E01, E06… Some ESOL classes do not have an ESOL section number. Check the schedule carefully.