Student Drop, Add , & Withdrawl

Drop Process

If students wish to drop a course after the 7th calendar day of the semester, they typically must meet with their instructor who will talk with them and, if it is decided that dropping is the proper course of action, help them complete a DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWALform. That form is then taken to the Records Office. If students are unable to meet personally with their instructor, however, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The student will attempt to contact the instructor prior to the official drop date. (Contact can be made by email, phone, or other means as acceptable.)
  • The instructor will communicate with the student about the situation, determining if in fact dropping is the appropriate thing for the student to do.
  • If it is decided that the student should drop the course, the instructor will fill out the DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL form for the student, make a copy of it for personal records, and then take the official form to the Records Office.
  • If the student is unable to sign the DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL form in person, an email or fax from the student indicating that a drop is desired of the given course and section will suffice. The email or fax should clearly state the student's name, "V" number, the course name and section, and the reason for the drop. A copy of the email or fax should also be taken to the Records Office along with the DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL form.
  • If the student is unable to communicate with the instructor via phone or email, the student should first attempt to contact the Department Chair. If that fails, the student should contact the Division Dean. The Department Chair or Division Dean will follow the above procedures and after completing the DROP/ADD/WITHDRAWAL form will alert the professor to what transpired.


  • Remind students who are receiving financial aid that dropping a course might cause ramifications. Students should be encouraged to contact the financial aid office to ask about their specific circumstances.
  • If students are on a deferred payment plan, they should contact the Business Office.
  • As a reminder, students who wish to withdraw from their final class (or all of them) are required to speak with an Advisor/Counselor in the Advising Center.
  • Please remember that the reason for this procedure is for there to be some communication between students and professors (or with an Advisor/Counselor in the case of a complete withdrawal from College) prior to dropping a class. In some instances, students are not aware that they are actually doing well in the course and the professor can ease their minds. In other cases, students forget about (or are unaware of) the tutoring/lab assistance that is available to them. There are obviously many scenarios when dropping is clearly the best course of action, but this is not always the case. Thus, this procedure is designed to help some students see that dropping may not be in their best interests. It could make a big difference in terms of their overall future academic success.

Withdrawal from College Process

Withdrawal requests are processed in the Advising Center by an Advisor/Counselor if the student requests to withdraw from all classes before the withdrawal deadline. If the student is requesting a complete withdrawal from all classes after the withdrawal deadline those are processed through the Office of the Vice President for Student Services.

Questions to Ask Students Requesting to Drop a Course(s) or Requesting a Complete Withdrawal from all Classes

  1. What is the reason you are dropping or withdrawing?
  2. Are you on any type of financial aid (grant, loan, scholarships or lottery scholarship)? If so, you will need to contact Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from the College.
  3. Are you on a deferred payment plan? If so, you will need to contact the Business Office.
  4. Are you a participant in either TRiO or Disability Services? If so, you will need to inform them you are dropping or withdrawing.
  5. If the student is doing well, refer them to their instructor to explore the options of incomplete or having the instructor work with him/her to stay in the class and complete it.