Student Complaints

Any student needing to file a complaint should follow the guidelines provided in the Student Complaint Procedures policy (VSCC Policy III:00:06). The process of each type of student complaint referenced in the policy is contained in the Judicial Process flowcharts provided in this flipchart. Depending on the type of complaint, the Vice President for Student Services may hear the student complaint and have the student document the complaint by completing a Complaint Form. The form is kept on file in the Vice President's office and is completely confidential. Campus Police, Human Resources, Disability Services or the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee, if necessary, work in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Services to address all student complaints. Depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, TBR Legal Counsel may be contacted.

Following any incident, with the exception of a racial/sexual harassment complaint, a student must file the written complaint within seven (7) days of the incident occurring. Once the complaint has been filed, the Vice President for Student Services will respond to the student in writing within ten (10) working days and will also update all parties involved concerning the outcome and/or progress of the investigation. If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome, he/she will have ten (10) working days to appeal the decision in writing to the President. An incident involving racial/sexual harassment must be filed within 365 days of the occurrence. Listed below are the various VSCC policies that address any kind of disciplinary action, complaint process, appeal procedure, etc. Please refer to these policies for more in-depth explanation.