Cooperative Education is an academic program which allows the student to gain work experience directly related to his/her academic major and/or vocational choice. Students work off campus and have the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical work situations and learn work related skills.

Through our Cooperative Education Program, students combine academic studies (academic credit being awarded) with on-the-job experience in their career fields. As a Co-op student you will graduate with a strong academic foundation plus the practical background that employers want. You will also know from experience that the profession you have chosen is the right "fit".

Cooperative Education may be referred to as a work experience or an internship.

For a list of area businesses who offer internship opportunities, please click HERE

Forms & Documents

For students with disabilities

For students with disabilities:

It is the student's responsibility to self-identify with the Office of Disability Services to receive accommodations and services in accordance with The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Only those students with appropriate documentation will receive services. For further information, contact the Office of Disability Services at X3472 or visit the office which is located on the ground floor of the Wood Campus Center.

Disability Services: (615)-230-3472 (615)-230-3488 TTD

Disability Services Website

Advantages to the Employer

  • Co-op provides a ready-made training and recruitment program reducing present costs.
  • Co-op creates an opportunity to observe future employees with a minimum commitment.
  • Co-op enables business and industry to participate in and influence the educational process.
  • Co-op motivates permanent employees toward continued learning opportunities.

Advantages to the Student

  • You gain the experience that will make it easier for you to find employment when you graduate.
  • You have the opportunity to explore a potential career without investing lots of time and money.
  • You have the chance to earn college credits and money.
  • You have the chance to draw connections and analyze relationships between your job and what you are learning in school.
  • If you are already working when you enter the program, your employer will become increasingly aware that you are a motivated individual and deserving of additional training and promotion.

Any prospective student desiring to enroll in a Cooperative Education class (BUSN 2395, MUS 280, HTL 290, HTL 291, LGM 280) must meet with the Director of Cooperative Education in advance of the first official day of attendance to confirm participation in the class. All required course forms, off site location of the cooperative education experience, off site supervisor, and a copy of receipt of payment for that semester must be confirmed through the Director prior to the first official day of attendance. Upon completion of this meeting and approval by the Director (acting faculty for cooperative education), the student will be counted as "having attendance" in the course. Without such approval, a student may not be considered as "attending the class" and may not participate in the class or receive financial assistance.

Other Services

Our office also provides services related to Service Learning and Career Placement here at Vol State.

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