Special Adult Programs

The office of Special Adult Programs coordinates and works as a liaison with outside agencies as well as WIA (Workforce Investment Act) programs. WIA is a Federal program that serves to assist eligible students in their endeavors to become employed. This assistance may include financial help for tuition costs, books, training materials, and supplies, while attending VSCC.

Eligible students may include those certified through income verification or employment barriers, including being laid-off from work. Qualifying students may be dislocated workers, Families First recipients, single parents, the unemployed or underemployed. Special Adult Programs serves as a resource for students during this period of transition and assists with questions/concerns pertaining to admission to VSCC, required testing, degree and certificate programs, class schedules, counseling, and clarification concerning their third party funding source.

Students may also request tutoring assistance through this office by completing a tutor request form. In addition, the Office of Special Adult Programs works closely with the Office of Disability Services, in helping students with disabilities meet their educational goals.

Workforce Essentials, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agencies, the Department of Labor, Middle Tennessee Career Centers, as well as other state and federal agencies, work with VSCC to educate, provide job training/retraining, develop career plans, and establish partnerships. For more information please contact Judy Schuelke or stop by room 108 of the Campus Center.