Student Profiles

The Kenigson Twins

Jonathan and Jessica Kenigson attended Vol State at the age of 13. They graduated with associate of arts degrees and continued to UT Knoxville. The UT Department of Mathematics awarded them both the John H. Barrett Prize for outstanding seniors in mathematics. They also received, between them, five National Science Foundation research prizes. They are now Ph.D. candidates in mathematics.

"The honors program at Vol State prepared us to succeed in our work at UT, even when taking graduate level classes. It gave us the broad background we needed to be the top graduates in a class of 900 at UT Knoxville. The Vol State honors program was the deciding factor is us coming to Vol State. I will tell you that there was not a single day I spent there that was wasted."

-Jonathan Kenigson

"I had a really great experience at Vol State. I encountered some excellent professors there who were inspirational."

-Jessica Kenigson