Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

The department can assist in new course development for on-ground or Distance Learning classes. We produce video programs, video clips, Photoshop and other graphics as well as record audio only materials. These can include complete course content or media supplements to enhance your courses. If you have special guest speakers or events, we can record those and edit them to include only the content you find most relevant.

Course Content Enhancement

Adding media to your current course content can greatly enhance your presentation to better bring home the point you are making. We can assist in the production of video material for inclusion in your My VolState Online/D2L courses.  This can include showing a specific experiment, expert commentary, historical locations or other visuals.

New Course Development

If you are developing a new course, we can work with you from conceptualization to completion. In conjunction with the Instructional Designer in the Distance Learning department, we will assist you in creating your new video courses. We can shoot in our studio or on location to produce visually interesting content that goes far beyond a "talking head" presentation.

Special Event Taping

If you have special guest speakers or events, we can schedule you class to meet in our television studio or come to your location. Please use the "Contact Us" link to request your special event taping.