Admissions Requirements & Deadline

Our deadline for receiving all application materials is March 15th in order to be considered for admission in the Fall of that year. This means we need to have a complete folder in our office that contains the following items:

  • Completed admission form for the Nursing program
  • Pre-Nursing exam score, arranged through Vol State Testing Center, (615) 230 - 3484
  • Proof of GPA better than 2.50 (that does NOT reflect grades received in any remedial courses)
  • Proof of proficiency in Algebra at the intermediate level (either by placement test scores, completion of required developmental courses in Algebra, enhanced ACT score or completion of a College Algebra course with a C or better)
  • Proof of Chemistry with a lab with a grade of C or better (may be one year of High School Chemistry or one semester of College Chemistry)
  • Proof of acceptance into Tennessee State University

Please submit these documents together and at one time. Keep a copy of all your paperwork for yourself just to be safe. It is essential that you fulfill the above requirements before March 15th. DO NOT put off Chemistry or Algebra and be taking other classes instead. You will not be considered until the Math, Chemistry and ALL developmental classes are completed. Once they are, you may feel free to get other support courses out of the way.