IV:30:12 Fitness Center Room Usage


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the safe operation and utilization of the Fitness Center by enrolled students, faculty, staff, and a guest 18 years of age or older of faculty/staff.


The Fitness Center facility is located in the PickelBuilding, room 105 hereinafter The facility is intended for use by enrolled students of the college's physical education classes, students, faculty and staff, anda guest 18 years of age or older of faculty and staff. Students in-between semesters (e.g. between spring and summer, between fall and spring) who will be continuing at Vol State, may use the facility.

Policy Implementation

1. The monitoring and compliance of the facility and its rules and regulations will be the primary responsibility of the Physical Education faculty and staff.

  1. Non-compliance/disregard for rules, regulating safety or security concerns, will be reported to Campus Police.
  2. The facility will be open from 6:30a.m. to 9:00p.m. Monday through Friday
  3. The facility may not be used when scheduled classes are using the facility. The schedule of these classes will clearly be posted at the beginning of each term. Only those students registered in the respective classes will be allowed to use the facility at those times.
  4. Students who are enrolled in courses that are not scheduled to use the facility, but must use the facility to meet certain requirements of their may use the facility at the times it is open. They may not use the room while scheduled classes are meeting.
  5. Warning/disclaimer statements will be posted permanently on the doors and in conspicuous places within the room.
  6. Athletics/Physical Education faculty/staff will be responsible for marking, restricting the use of, and/or removing from use, in a timely manner, all equipment to be faulty or unsafe.
  7. All persons using the Center must sign in on the computer and sign out when leaving.

VSCC Source: January 20, 2009, President's Cabinet