V:01:10 Employees Resignation/Termination


The purpose of this policy is to establish a procedure for administrative action related to the resignation of employees from approved budget positions and to ensure that such administrative actions are properly documented in the official College personnel files.


  1. Each terminating employee shall submit a resignation in the form of a letter to his or her immediate supervisor, in accordance with his or her appointment agreement or contract. Clerical and Support staff are requested to give 14 days notice; administrative, professional and faculty employees and are requested to give 30 days notice.
  2. The Department Head or supervisor has the responsibility for submitting the resignation letter to the Office of Human Resources for the separating employee along with the associate Personnel Action Form (PAF). In the event of dismissal, the Department Head or supervisor must submit a letter of termination to the Office of Human Resources.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will schedule an appointment with the terminating employee to discuss exit procedures and terminal benefits.
  4. Upon termination of employment, an employee will be paid for all accrued but unused annual leave as of their last working day. Payment should be made with the employee's normal payroll cycle. An employee who is dismissed for gross misconduct, or who resigns to avoid dismissal for gross misconduct, will not be entitled to any compensation for accrued but unused annual leave at the time of dismissal.
  5. As noted in Tennessee Board of Regents Policy No. 5:01:00:00, an employee who is absent from duty for more than three (3) consecutive business days without giving notice to the appointing authority or appropriate manager concerning the reason for such absence and without securing permission to be on leave or who fails to report for duty or to the immediate supervisor or the appointing authority within two (2) business days after the expiration of any authorized leave of absence, absent unusual circumstances causing the employee's absence or preventing the employee's return, is considered as having resigned not in good standing.
  6. TCA ? 49-8-117 requires formal hearings under the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act for support staff demoted or terminated "for cause." A support staff employee who is demoted, suspended without pay or terminated for cause must be given the option of a hearing. Exceptions would be in the case of a reduction in force or abolishment of the position, termination at the conclusion of the initial probationary period even if that six-month period is extended, or if the employee is considered to have resigned after three days of unexcused absence.

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