I:05:02 Financial Disclosure Review Committee

Establishment of a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Review Committee

A Committee shall be formed from Institution faculty and staff, pursuant to TBR Policy 1:02:03:10. The general responsibilities of this committee are defined in TBR Policy 1:02:03:10. Additional details associated with the Committee are defined herein.

Number of Members

The Committee shall consist of three members, with at least one member selected from the faculty and least one member selected from administrative or support staff personnel.

Selection of Members

Members of the Committee shall be selected by the President.

Duration of Membership

Members of the Committee shall serve two year terms. Members may serve multiple, consecutive terms.


The Advisory Committee shall meet as frequently as necessary to conduct its business, but no less than once per semester.


As described in TBR Policy 1:02:03:10, the committee shall evaluate conflict of interest disclosures and make determinations regarding what actions may be required to manage, reduce, or eliminate conflicts of interest.

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