V:01:21 Faculty Proficiency in Oral and Written English

Each individual appointed to a teaching position for full or part-time status shall have a form completed by those conducting the interview indicating that in their perception the individual can communicate effectively with students in the English language. At a minimum, candidates shall demonstrate:

  1. An ability to speak and write English clearly;
  2. An ability to understand written and spoken English; and
  3. An ability to communicate effectively in an academic environment (for example, previous successful employment in an academic institution).

The form verifying written and oral English proficiency must be signed by the appropriate Division Dean and by the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the appointment of full-time faculty. For the appointment of part-time faculty, the Vice President of Academic Affairs delegates responsibility for determining proficiency in oral and written English to the appropriate Division Dean.

TBR Source: TBR Meeting, December 14, 1984; September 23, 1994

VSCC Source: Former II:04:00, August 1988, President; November 12, 1998, President; January 6, 2009, President's Cabinet.