VII:01:22 Support of Non-College Owned Computer Equipment

The following provisions apply to any non-College owned/leased equipment which a College employee, student, or guest brings to an institutional site.

  1. The College will not be held liable for damage to or loss of the equipment. The individual bringing the equipment to the campus is responsible for the security and use of the equipment.
  2. College licensed software will not be installed or executed on the equipment without permission of the Director of Information Technology (See VII:01:02).
  3. The equipment will not be directly connected to any College network or peripheral equipment including and not limited to printers without permission of the Director of Information Technology. Connections may be available through wireless access.
  4. The College is not obligated to provide any hardware or software support including training for the use, installation, or configuration of the equipment.

VSCC Source: September 1, 1993, President; February 29, 2008, President