VII:01:23 Use of Portable Computer Systems

Portable computer systems are available to all full-time employees and adjunct faculty of the College through Information Technology in order to provide limited information systems resources to users when they are away from institutional sites; other employees as approved, in writing, by the Vice President of the employee's respective area. The following provisions govern the use of these systems:

  1. Portable systems provided by the College are not exempt from any institutional data processing policy. Specifically, users must refer to the following policies:

    Use of Computer Resources (VII:01:01)

    Use of Computer Software (VII:01:02)

    Remote Access to Computer Resources (VII:01:21)

    Failure by a user to abide by these and all other policies will immediately disqualify the user from any further assignment of a portable computer system. Additional sanctions may also be applied as specified in College policy. Failure by a user to return portable computer equipment by the specified time may also disqualify the user from further assignment of portable computer systems.

  2. Each portable system assigned requires the completion of a Portable Electronic Equipment Assignment form.
  3. Each portable system permanently assigned requires justification, and the approval of the employee's immediate supervisor and the Director of Information Technology.
  4. Each individual assigned a portable computer system assumes full responsibility for the system while in their possession. As indicated on the Portable Electronic Equipment Assignment form, the user may be held liable for the repair or replacement of the unit should it be damaged, lost or stolen due to their negligence while assigned to them.
  5. Portable computer systems are available for up to two weeks. Longer or permanent assignment requires approval of the Director of Information Technology.
  6. For permanent assignment of laptops, the user's desktop machine will be replaced with a laptop. A standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse will be provided for the office location if desired. Exceptions must be requested with justification and approved by the Director of Information Technology.

VSCC Source: September 1, 1993, President; February 29, 2008, President; October 18, 2010, President's Cabinet