VI:02:01 Academic Calendars and Non-Credit Student Registration


The purpose of this policy is to provide for the variance in registration dates for non-credit programs* as a non-exception to TBR Guideline A-019.

General Procedures

Registration dates for non-credit courses and workshops/seminars are published in the schedule of classes each semester or in the publication announcing the event. Because of the flexibility expected by the target population and the need to respond to immediate educational and training needs, non-credit offerings may begin and end at any time during an academic or summer term. Therefore, although a major portion of the registration may occur within the published registration period, exceptions to those dates are necessary. There is no late registration period nor is there a late registration fee.

The Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development is responsible for processing the registration and fee payment for all non-credit students. The Division serves as the Records Office for all non-credit students. All fees collected are deposited with the College's Business Office in accordance with their processes and procedures.

* Program is defined as a single course or workshop/seminar as well as a series of courses leading toward a Certificate of Completion.

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